Some of the few Case Studies:

The above Case Pertains where a loan facility for a sum of Rs.3,00,000/- for financing a vehicle to the respondent. As per the agreement, the respondent was liable to repay the said loan amount in 60 (sixty) monthly instalments of Rs.6,870/- each commencing from 1.7.2006 till 1.6.2011. However, the respondent failed to adhere to the terms of the agreement. The respondent failed to pay the monthly instalments regularly. The petitioner company was finally constrained to send legal notices to the respondent asking him to adhere to the payment schedule and to pay monthly installments. However, as per the version of the petitioner, the said vehicle/ car bearing registration No.PB-23F-3387 was surrendered in the office of the petitioner company at Patiala by the respondent herein, as he was not in a position to pay the loan of the petitioner company. The respondent, however, alleged that the vehicle was repossessed by the petitioner. HELD THAT vehicle was
already released by the petitioner in compliance of the order of the District Forum in execution application to the complainant on 17.6.2009, passed the impugned order dated 26.3.2013, wherein it is stated that the vehicle was already with the appellant/petitioner herein. Thus, the order of the State Commission is prima-facie against the facts existing at that time.

The matter pertains to Quashing of FIR, under section Sections 408/465/471 IPC. HELD THAT parties have amicably resolved their differences of their own free will, volition and without any coercion and no useful purpose will be served in continuance of the proceedings.

The matter pertains to Pecuniary Jurisdiction HELD THAT the order passed by the State Commission was missunderstood hence the same was directed to Lower Commission to reconsider the Case.

SLP CA 31033/2015 – The matter pertains to Insurance, the Petitioner is Liable to get Insurance and the Shipment has been Misplaced in transit. Special Leave to Appeal has been admitted for deciding the Issue.